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I write on a broad range of topics for various clients. Most of it is ghost writing, so I don't get public credit for it, but I still get paid and get to add it to my experience. I have written many business articles that have appeared on, the Houston Chronicle's website. I have also been a contributor to Sacramento Press and write for my various websites. Check out my writer profile on nDash.

The reason I like to research and write about things I don't necessarily know much about is that it feeds my brain while I'm helping someone. In other words, it's not like taking orders for a pizza parlour, in which each day produces a wealth of data about a lot of redundant disposable knowledge. It's more like earning a living while going to school. I enjoy learning about economics and several aspects of business. I've written a substantial number of articles on modern internet marketing techniques that include SEO and authoritative content.

I've worked indepedently writing for people from various industries including real estate and education. I approach every project with a fresh sense that I'll be learning more useful information. In other words, I don't write just to write about anything. I prefer to choose writing assignments that fit my broad interests from business to technology to the environment to entertainment.

Alex Cosper

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