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In 2020 during the pandemic/shutdown I've continued writing for websites. I've worked remotely completely since 2011. Music has been more of a hobby for me over the years, but I've also been involved with it professionally through radio and research.

These days I'm still writing and recording songs at a casual pace. Most of the songs are part of a "mirage band" project called Sunsetrip. A mirage band - a term I made up - is an imaginary band with imaginative songs. It's essentially a funny name for a singer/songwriter that wants people to focus more on theme of the project than the artist. Here are some of my recent recordings mixed with my cartoon art on video.

Eye of a Raven

I originally wrote this song in the 90s when I was in the Beat Villains. It's a song about exploration and freedom, from the perspective of a raven.

Rock N' Roll Saved the Day

"Rock is dead" is a common claim that's actually been around since the sixties. Alternative rock has faded from the pop charts. But then again, the pop charts have been buried in the current wave of "more bands than fans." Rock really isn't dead and this song salutes it as an evergreen form of music and culture.

A Century of Radio

This song is a tribute to the radio industry's 100th anniversary in 2020. The lyrics tell the story of how radio evolved throughout the 1900s.

Nature's Lost Times

"Nature's Lost Times" is about getting back to nature. Initial tracks that included Alex on vocals and guitar were recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area. Long-time friend John Young, who played with Alex in the Beat Villains, contributed on drums. Newer layers of keyboards were added in 2018. This version is credited to the San Diego band project, Sunsetrip.

Escape Through Art and Music

"Escape Through Art and Music" is about growing up through pop culture to get away from dealing with a corrupt system. The song is part of the PeerAmid Island series. It reflects on decades of musical development.

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