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Nature's Lost Times

"Nature's Lost Times" is about getting back to nature. Initial tracks that included Alex on vocals and guitar were recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area. Long-time friend John Young, who played with Alex in the Beat Villains, contributed on drums. Newer layers of keyboards were added in 2018. This version is credited to the San Diego band project, Sunsetrip.

Birds are Smarter Than Humans

"Birds are Smarter Than Humans" is part of a cartoon video series for a character called Dr. Birdsy Birdsong, a bird philosopher and best selling author. The song gives a list of claims from Birdsong's perspective why birds should have seniority over humans. The recording is credited to the cartoon band Birdsong's Treehouse Academy.

PeerAmid Island

"PeerAmid Island" is a song about a fictitious island shaped like a pyramid, where peer pressure steers society in trendy directions. The story reflects the high school experience, how certain students try to stand out as popular.

Escape Through Art and Music

"Escape Through Art and Music" is about growing up through pop culture to get away from dealing with a corrupt system. The song is part of the PeerAmid Island series. It reflects on decades of musical development.

Old Western Town

"Old Western Town" reflects on the evolution of how Sacramento has transformed from a gold mining town to a modern metropolis. The song covers the history of the 1849 gold rush, development of the railroad and the 20th century.

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