Alex Cosper Presents:

KWODZAP Expands To Other Worlds
A Mix of Music and Commentary (Just Like Freeform Radio)

1. KWODZAP Visits PeerAmid Island

This KWODZAP series explores unchartered territory from Alex Cosper's imagination. "PeerAmid Island" opens the journey, encompassing "society's most secret society." It's a community composed of cartoon characters that can be viewed at This July 28, 2017 acoustic guitar version marks the beginning of several versions.

2. KWODZAP Dives Into Cartoon Conspiracies

KWODZAP introduces a cartoon band called the Shadow Government Occult Band (SGOB) to the mix. They made a big splash on Halloween for the Ed Skullivan Show in October 2017. For there the story grew to be hit after his for SGOB on Pyramid Island. The song that made them legends on the Bullboard charts was "Democracy Is Dead."

3. KWODZAP's Critique of Radio Automation

While a lot of terrestrial radio has become automated by big biz, KWODZAP continues to be a freeform media show created by a human, Alex Cosper. His song "Radio Automation" is a commentary on how the radio biz has channeled itself into irrelevance since it's the same programming duplicated across many cities. So far the attempt to nationalize radio in the new century has failed, as two of the big three radio firms have confronted bankruptcy in 2018. It's a world that could not have been easily predicted in the 90s before the Telecom Act made mass consolidation of the industry possible.

4. KWODZAP Wakes Up America

The song "Wake Up, America (You're Being Played)" is a reminder that big media is in control of mass consciousness. It's where most people get their news, often forgetting that these organizations serve Wall Street interests more than entertaining or informing the public. The song can be categorized as a heads up about propaganda.

5. KWODZAP Joins the Circus

This episode of KWODZAP features an instrumental track called "Circus Traveler," which paints pictures in the mind of either clowns or politicians. Clowns juggle tennis balls, whereas politicians juggle words as kind of an illusion that makes people feel they're being taken care of. The purpose of throwing in this instrumental is to show the diversity of KWODZAP, that it's more than a collection of silly novelty songs.

6. KWODZAP Strikes Gold in the Old West

Going back in time to 1849, KWODZAP taps into the California gold rush with "Old Western Town." The song tells the story of how the region was industrialized with the railroad, which was built by the champions of the gold rush - the merchants who sold the shovels. The song takes us up to the present in which Sacramento is now a modern metropolis.

7. KWODZAP Exposes Big Pharma

This KWODZAP episode features another song by SGOB called "Pharmaloonical Blues." The song opens the door to a vast world of knowledge hidden from the public about pharmaceutical companies. The media, which is heavily sponsored by drug companies, has rarely exposed the fact the industry is stacked with colossal fraud settlements. The song makes light of the fact that media routinely promotes that "vaccines work" then rarely talks about when the CDC admits vaccines don't work, as in the case usually with flu shots of the early 21st century.

8. KWODZAP's Rabbit Hole Adventure

Another song from the cartoon conspiracy world that will expand your mind is "Chasing You Down the Rabbit Hole." It's a song by SGOB singer Lionel Rabbitson, who explains in his lyrics how a lot of conspiracies can be endless dead ends that don't solve the mystery of the case. The song is somewhat of a warning to proceed down rabbit holes with the knowledge that you can get lost or buried deeply in a world of confusion if you do not approach a case with critical thinking skills.

9. KWODZAP Uncovers Psyops

Here's another informative KWODZAP episode built around the cartoon world of the Shadow Government Occult Band. This show features "Psyop of the Century," another #1 song on the Bullboard charts. The song emphasizes the unknowns of psychological operations, which are designed to persuade public opinion. Most people probably aren't familiar with psyops because they are rarely covered on mainstream media. But there's plenty of conspiracy videos online to research. You can save a lot of time just by learning the words to this two-minute song.

10. KWODZAP Examines the State of Democracy

KWODZAP dives deeper into politics to rise above the fog of why the corporate/government is so out of touch with the people it's supposed to serve. The song "Let's Restore Democracy" offers a solution to the problems of the world by reinventing democracy so that it works for all of society and not just aristrocrats. As the song says, "let's not let the system collapse."

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