Alex Cosper Presents:

KWODZAP Introduces Sunsetrip
A Mix of Music and Commentary (Just Like Freeform Radio)

1. KWODZAP's Cracked Up Egghead Trip

Alex Cosper kicks off another KWODZAP series with original songs by his studio project called Sunsetrip starting with "Egghead". The song is about how sometimes people lose focus in society by focusing too much on themselves. In the case of the imaginary Egghead character, a new kid in school who is an outcast tries to gain attention by doing a dangerous stunt that leads to a fiasco. The song comprises a lot of pop culture imagery and sound effects, such as backward masking.

2. KWODZAP's Clue To The Clueless

The song "Clue To The Clueless" is about the dumbing of society in the sense that it's about someone who is out of touch with their community. It's a song that can be used to describe several different trends going on, such as how people still embrace war and violence as pop culture imagery. There's a certain resistance to common sense perpetrated by mainstream media that become a core theme of this song.

3. KWODZAP's Back To Nature Tribute

"Nature's Lost Times" is a tribute to the environmentalist lifestyle. The song is about getting back to nature and rejecting the strange era in which the food industry hasn't been honest or forthcoming about its ingredients. The chorus says "we go further when we explore / why the world is covered in blue." There's a certain relief one feels when they begin thinking more about nature, rather than the stress generated from trying to keep up in the race to acquire material possessions.

4. KWODZAP's Trip To Solana Beach

"Spirit of the Ocean" is an instrumental written by Alex Cosper to capture the spirit where surf music left on in the sixties. The tune is set to scenes of Solana Beach in North San Diego County. Alex talks about how it's one of his favorite beaches because it has a small town feel. It's an excellent place to free your mind from the constant barrage of negative news from mainstream media.

5. KWODZAP Explores Time Travel

"Wind Around the Century" is another Sunsetrip recording that features Alex Cosper and John Young. The song loosely revolves around the theme of time travel, but more in a dreamlike sensation. The video includes scenes of Alex's journey around the USA in the late 90s when he worked at a Milwaukee radio station. Young sings background vocals and plays the drums.

6. KWODZAP's Analysis of Hit Songs

"Anyone Can Have a Hit" is a humorous song that makes fun of how studio tricks are often the hooks to hit songs. The song gives the impression that it's easy for anyone to create a hit recording, but then throws in several caveats such as "anyone can have a hit / as long as someone's willing to finance it." The song hints at how expensive studio production is more a factor to songs becoming hits than serious songwriting.

7. KWODZAP Explores Mind Control

"Students of Mind Control" is a song that outlines the primary concepts of mind control, such as repeating the same message over and over. John Young offers humorous spoken word clips in this montage of dreamlike imagery. The recording is patterned after the concept of experimental recordings such as "Revolution 9" by the Beatles. The recording is a reminder that our culture is flooded with marketing campaigns based on mind control concepts.

8. KWODZAP Steps Into the Mind's Eye

"Mind's Eye" is one of the most spaced out songs by Sunsetrip, which is Alex Cosper's Southern California recording project that represents an evolution from his Northern California project, Tangent Sunset. In fact, like all the other Sunsetrip songs in this collection, it's based on earlier Tangent Sunset music. The electronics are what drive this recording, as much of the vocals were improvised. It's a song that breaks away from songwriting formulas and conventional structure, venturing into unchartered territory.

9. KWODZAP Investigates the Universe

As we approach the end of this video album that introduces Sunsetrip, "Endeavor" moves away from the wacky experimentation segment in favor of a deeper look into the universe. Of course, we can only discover so much about this vast mystery, but it's still possible for a song to help inspire this journey. It's important to keep the image of the universe cosmic and not just some easy-to-understand never-ending happy utopia that can be packaged to the masses. The song is more of an introduction to the search for the soul of the universe.

10. KWODZAP Summer Road Trip

This KWODZAP video album concludes with the song "Road To My Summit", which is about reaching a destination through a series of challenges. It's also a cruising song to take your mind off the disturbing news of the world. The video footage includes the hills and coastline of San Diego. While parts of the album deal with darkness, this song is about leaving darkness in the rearview mirror.

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