Alex Cosper Presents:

Political Trainwreck Music

A Mix of Music and Commentary (Just Like Freeform Radio)

1. KWODZAP's Election Coverage

Alex Cosper covers the 2016 Presidential Election for KWODZAP on Nov. 8, 2016. The coverage begins with Hillary Clinton leading in the final polls. Donald Trump, however, upset the former first lady and won the presidency. The song "Train In The Rain" is about not letting politics get in the way of friendship, especially on social media.

2. KWODZAP Explains Why Hillary Lost

This post-election coverage is based on the song "She Lost Because She's a Republicrat." The improvisational song mixes in commentary about the election and the fact that the democratic party moved so far to the right in the 2016 election that they did not resemble the party of JFK. Hillary Clinton seemed to still admire Barry Goldwater.

3. KWODZAP's Musical Analysis of the Rigged Primaries

"Ballad of the Missing Ballots" was written after Bernie Sanders lost the California democratic primary. For the next month theories began to circulate online as to what happeded to a million missing votes in the election. This short song captures some of the sentiment that Bernie supporters felt. The video includes scenes of Bernie in San Diego.

4. KWODZAP's Confirmation that "Polls Were Wrong"

"Polls Were Wrong" is an improvisational song that explains how polls during the 2016 presidential election were misleading. Polls showed that Hillary was leading in the three traditional blue states Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Soon as it was clear Trump would carry those states, it was clear he had won the electoral vote.

5. KWODZAP's Commentary on the Electoral College

"Abolishment of the Electoral College" is an improvisational song about how Trump won the electoral vote while Clinton won the popular vote. The song makes it clear that the popular vote doesn't matter and that the electoral vote doesn't make any sense in a democracy.

6. KWODZAP Tutorial: How To Write a Campaign Song

"How To Write a Campaign Song" is a "musical analysis" of the political campaign songwriting process. This video is both a tutorial and a song with the same title that merges musical education, social commentary and stream of consciousness improvisational performance.

7. KWODZAP Explains How Zombies Decide Elections

"TV Brainwashed Zombies" is a song that mixes refined verses with adlib commentary. It's about how TV influences elections. If you don't believe that, ask NBC TV star Donald Trump how he beat the electoral system by getting paid by NBC to promote himself, then parlayed years of TV fame into a successful White House campain in 2016 - without outspending his opponent Hillary Clinton.

8. KWODZAP's Theory Why Politics Is Full of Contradiction

This video examines how politics is full of baloney and cheese, which is further explained in the song "Contradiction". It's about how the two party system is supposed to be a clear choice but isn't, as both parties suffer from mediocrity and overlap. As the chorus says, "Contradiction makes the world go round / Contradiction is a merry-go-round / Contradiction pulls our dreams to the ground / Contradiction is the modern day sound."

9. Thank God for Separation of Church and State

Politics and religion obvious don't mix well. The combination often leads to war, so it's a good thing the United States doesn't have a national religion like some unfortunate countries do. Conforming to a faith dictated by government is archaic thinking, as individuals should think for themselves. Consider self-actualization and an appreciation for nature and peace, which is the undertone of "Sky Blue Heaven".

10. Political Trainwrecks on KWODZAP

"Political Trainwrecks" is the song that wraps up the video album. This video includes two versions: first a spoken word reading of the lyrics, then an improvisational a capella version. It's all about how society needs to take a closer look and see through the game of politics. The lyrics are meant to incite laughter, which is good for human health, not anger. It was recorded at Kit Carson Park in North San Diego County on November 30, 2016.

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