Alex Cosper Presents:

KWODZAP Underground Instrumentals
A Mix of Music and Commentary (Just Like Freeform Radio)

1. KWODZAP's Trip to Santa Monica

Alex Cosper explains how KWODZAP sometimes goes on the road and visits other interesting places, such as Santa Monica Pier. The unique improvisational instrumental is called "Edge of the Ocean" by Alex. The footage includes various vantaga points at the Santa Monica Pier, revealing the multi-cultural appeal. The main point of this episode is to catch the spirit of both freeform music and nature in its free form.

2. KWODZAP On The Sunset Strip

This episode in built on the original instrumental "There Will Always Be Surf" by Alex Cosper. The tune is used is other Alex Cosper videos of various California beaches. The scenery of this video is the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles at night. The video was taken on August 4, 2016. The music was recorded circa 2010 in Sacramento on a Roland digital recorder.

3. KWODZAP's Transcentury Detour Through Sacramento

The instrumental song "Transcentury Detour" was the title track of a KWOD album about clean air released in 1996. Written by Alex, the song was recorded in a nice studio run by Michael Sylvestre. Jim Brasier played drums with Pete Torelli on bass and Alex on guitar. The album included a variety of local acts with songs about the environment. This video captures a mix of Sacramento traffic and nature at the American River.

4. KWODZAP's Tribute to KWOD and KZAP

This episode looks back on the two radio stations that had the most influence on KWODZAP. The visual part of the show over the instrumental song "Hidden Lost Lounge" comprises photos of both KWOD and KZAP personnel. It includes other pictures of Sacramento media personnel. The song, composed by Alex Cosper during an adlib session, was recorded in 2007 in San Diego.

5. KWODZAP Goes To San Francisco

This tribute to San Francisco include scenes of famous Bay Rrea landmarks set to an instrumental called "Noise of the World." The tune has a hypnotic electric guitar sound with bizarre chord strums. It's improvisational experimental music without a sepcific aim. It represents the freeform spirit of the Bay Area.

6. KWODZAP's Tour of California

This video shows various landmarks in California, including the Golden Gate Bridge. The instrumental written by Alex Cosper is called "Golden State Explorer." It was written in the Bay Area circa 2006 on a Roland portable workstation. The track is built on heavy electronic drums.

7. KWODZAP Visits Southern California Shores

As a reminder that we live in a TV-brainwashed world, this video encourages you to get back to nature and visit a friendly beach. This video contains footage of the Carlsbad coastal area in San Diego County. The instrumental song called "Test the Waters" was written by Alex Cosper in 2016. The tune will be expanded in the future and used for more ocean footage.

8. KWODZAP Escapes From Radiation

This episode marks somewhat of a departure from the theme of visiting California destinations, but then again, this underground video album has a dual theme. The other theme is instrumental music. The way it still fits the geographical subject matter is that the song "Radiation Oozing" is a reminder that trace levels of radiation from Japan's nuclear reactor meltdown have been discovered on the California coast. This track wasn't meant to spook the project, as it is more about showcasing original background music that may be used for future projects.

9. KWODZAP Heads For the Hills

The instrumental "Mountain Sunrise" forms the basis of this mountain scenery video that includes plenty of California scenery and a few places beyond, such as Yellowstone and Niagara Falls. The song and imagery capture the feeling of an adventurous road trip in the Sierras, other mountain highways and Pacific Coast Highway 1, which mixes mountains and the ocean.

10. KWODZAP On the Peaceful Horizon

This final episode of the "KWODZAP Underground Instrumentals" project summarizes the theme of the video album, which is musical expression through melody. Alex explains his early musical inflences leading up to this project, which concludes with a 2016 composition called "Peaceful Horizon." It was recorded on November 6, 2016. The video features scenes of the Pacific coast and the American River in Sacramento.

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