Alex Cosper Presents:

KWODZAP Rides Again
A Mix of Music and Commentary (Just Like Freeform Radio)

1. KWODZAP's Road to Freedom

This episode is somewhat of a celebration that the KWODZAP experiment was able to last this long. It features commentary about living outside the boundaries of conformity before going into the song "Liberty Chains." It's one a song that asks questions about the traditional systems that shape society.

2. The Survival of KWODZAP

Although the song "Survival" was written in 1989, it still applies to the 21st century. Internet radio stations are talking about shutting down due to increased royalty rates. The solution is to be like KWODZAP (or better). Create your own music or host your own music show with friends.

3. KWODZAP Demystifies Alien Conspiracies

The term "alien" can mean many things besides visitor from another planet. The song "Alien Sunset" explores a world where things become less familiar and more strange. It deals with making adjustments to new paradigms and philosophies. While that was the original intent of the song, it can be applied to the "dumbing of society" phenomenon.

4. A KWODZAP Ghost Story

Lyrics are supposed to paint pictures in the mind, so this video features a short discussion on why lyrics exist in the first place. Sometimes lyrics can be based on introspection mixed with imagination. "The Ghost Within" is way outside the boundaries of today's pop. It's better described as timeless underground music.

5. KWODZAP's Coast To Coast Adventure

Take a road trip around the USA with this virtual tour of American highways and landmarks. Watch footage of a collection of American road trips within five minutes. The travel scenes are set to an original song called "The USA and the Global View Today." The journey begins in Sacramento, includes the west coast, the southwest, the south and midwest to Milwaukee. The second leg of the tour is a trip to New York then back to California.

6. KWODZAP's Underground Strategy

This episode of KWODZAP takes cuts through the hype and explains the secret to maintaining an underground internet image, which is to avoid all hype. The original song performed on acoustic guitar is "Out of Your Mind," which examines how people on the dark side hang on to beliefs associated with witchcraft from over 300 years ago.

7. KWODZAP's Little Secret Dreamworld

"Little Secret Dreamworld" is the theme of this video full of Sacramento footage. You'll feel like you're cruising around town listening to music composed for the Tangent Sunset project in 2005. It's a song that captures the spirit of Sacramento, a city populated with shady trees at parks and rivers. It's a reminder that your secret dreamworld can be anywhere you choose.

8. KWODZAP Sees Through Media Hype

People need to learn more about resisting big media's big influence. Not only can big media control perceptions of what's popular, it can shape perceptions of accepted norms. Big media's goal is to keep its audience aware of big biz products and the overall consumer culture. The song "Too Much Talk" is about using critical thinking to see through mirages painted in big media.

9. How KWODZAP Stays Connected

Everyone needs to stay connected with their roots. As far as KWODZAP, roots run deep in Sacramento. The song "Over The Bridge" is a tribute to the San Francisco Bay Bridge and is also symbolic as connector with the rest of Northern California. The song is about remembering who you are and where you came from.

10. 1st Annual KWODZAP Convention

This episode of KWODZAP introduces the concept of a convention, patterned after the idea of industry trade shows. Even though KWODZAP isn't developed enough yet to have a party for its audience and colleagues, the thought has been planted for the future. The video includes a song called "Owl Convention" that was inspired by secret conventions where decisions that affect the public are made.

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